Stop by One Loudoun farmers market on Saturday (12/11) or Brambleton market (12/12) and be sure to include a few BLUEBERRY FRENCH TOAST BAGELS! Yes ... they taste as good as you are imagining!

Warm Bagels for Cool Months!

I am a native New Yorker, so I have a very high standard for what I consider good bagels, and these definitely hit the mark! Delicious bagels that remind me of home!

Elissa S.

Bagel Joy is hands down the best bagels in the area. They have a good variety of bagels to choose from and an equally awesome selection of cream cheeses. The family invests time and love into creating bagels and it shows. The bagels are fresh, flavorful and always perfect. Nothing starts off a weekend like fresh bagel from Bagel Joy. I am hooked!

Denise P.

Thanks for the awesome bagels, we had the Everything Bagels this morning.  Crunchy shell, inner consistency was the highlight, great taste and chewy without being overly dense.

Early Tester

We discovered these bagels from a neighbor and we are hooked! They are the best we have ever had. Everything bagels are our house favorite.

Charlene W.

These bagels are amazing. My daughter says they are the best food she’s ever eaten. The rosemary ones are our favorite :)

Heather M.

Amazing bagels! The best you can find outside of NY!

Lisa R.

You haven’t lived until you try these bagels! I didn’t know what I was missing before I tried them and now, no bagel will ever be the same!

Daniell S. case I haven't said it enough, your onion bagels are to die for!

Fredericksburg, VA fan

My husband said if we never again have bagels from anywhere else and only ever have Bagel Joy, he’d be content.

Early Tester