Preorder for Manassas, One Loudoun, or Brambleton. Start off the month of love with the sweet treat of a chocolate chip bagel!

What's All The Excitement About 10K?

We've filled 9,897 orders since opening and it's very likely that order #10,000 will be filled this weekend, November 13th, at One Loudoun farmers market.

Time to celebrate!

 The lucky customer who places order #10,000 will be taking home:

  • Their market order, FREE OF CHARGE!
  • A gift basket of Bagel Joy schwag including 4 mugs, 4 bottles of everything seasoning, 4 Bagel Joy masks and a case of market-famous Just Water.
  • ...and the pièce de résistance, a unique code that allows pre-order of unlimited 25 cent bagels for the remainder of the year.

We love our pre-order customers so much, we're also going to randomly choose one of our pre-orders this weekend to receive ANOTHER 25 cent discount code, usable for pre-orders of 25 cent bagels for the rest of the year.

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