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Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle ♻️

Here at Bagel Joy we are committed to doing our part to help make tomorrow brighter. As a small business one of the ways we can prioritize that goal is by limiting our contact with single use plastics. All of our packaging is recyclable and FSC approved. We use unbleached brown paper products because of their minimal effect on the environment and ability to be recycled. 

How YOU can help. ♻️


We use unbleached FSC approved brown paper bags for all of our bagels. What this means is that every bag of bagels you get is made of recycled material and can be recycled again! Just don't forget to empty out those stray seeds first.


Just like the bags we use, our cups for spreads are also made of unbleached brown paper. That means, when you finish your favorite container of cream cheese DON"T JUST TRASH IT! Instead, after a quick rinse of that last bit stuck to the cup you can recycle the cups as well.


When you get a fresh toasted bagel at market it comes in a neat holster made of, yup you guessed it, recyclable paper material. this means just like the rest, you can fold it up and recycle it instead of throwing it into a trashcan. 

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